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Japanese physical examination
Japanese physical examination

Kansai 3 days and 2 nights DOCK comprehensive inspection + Tourism

Precise physical examination
Precise physical examination

4 days and 3 nights in Kansai,
DOCK, +PET-CT examination and Tourism

Packages 1

3 Days and 2 Nights in Kansai region

Comprehensive Physical Examination + Travel


Packages 2

4 Days and 3 Nights in Kansai region

Comprehensive Physical Examination + PET-CT + Travel


Project Introduction

In the latest report by the World Health Organization (WHO), "World Health Report", there is a comprehensive comparison of the medical systems on the basis of “medical treatment level”, “difficulty in receiving medical services”, "fairness of medical expenses" and other aspects. Japan ranks 1st place again because of "high quality medical care", "equality of medical burden", "national average life expectancy" and other reasons. China ranks 64th.



130 years of national defense cancer performance, Japan has the world's highest cure rate.

2Japan has created the world's leading cancer prevention and control system.

3Keeping the world’s record of finding the smallest cancer cells.

4The top medical team escort

5Advanced treatment: High cure rate, small side effects, and low recurrence rate.


Benefits of Physical examination in Japan are mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

1. Good health foundation

Japan ranked first in the ranking of world health care level by WHO in 2015. Japan's service quality also represents the highest level in the world.

2. Best equipment

Japan has a set of the latest international standards, multi-level comprehensive physical examination system. Japan has the world’s highest level of cancer detection equipment to ensure the accuracy of inspection data.

3. Good medical skills

Japanese medical institutions bring together a variety of professional medical experts. Medical staffs have specialized knowledge involved, high personal quality, strong ability of pathological analysis, and skilled operation of high-end medical equipment.

4. Good Japanese-style care



Basic inspection items

Check the content

Medical examination

Head, neck, mouth,   chest, abdomen, upper and lower extremity of the visual and palpation, as well   as heart sounds, breath sounds, auscultation of vascular noise.

blood pressure

2 times

Body measurement

Height, weight, BMI,   body fat rate

Eye examination

Vision, fundus,   intraocular pressure

Hearing test

About 1000 · 4000Hz

Pulmonary function   tests

Vital capacity and lung   function


Quiet ECG

Chest radiography

front side beside

Abdominal ultrasound

Check the liver,   gallbladder, lung, spleen, pancreas and so on

Then occult blood test


Urine check

The proportion of PH ·   sugar · protein · occult blood · sediment

blood test

Number of red blood   cells, number of white blood cells, hemoglobin value, hematocrit value,   platelets, MCV · MCH · MCHC

Glucose metabolism

Fasting blood glucose,   hemoglobin A1c


Total Cholesterol,   Neutral Fat, HDL Cholesterol LDL Cholesterol

liver function

Aspartate   aminotransferase AST · ALTγ-GTP · LDH · ALP ·

 Cholinesterase,   serum total bilirubin (T-BIL) total protein, albumin, A / G

Kidney function test

Urea ammonia, uric acid   creatinine

Pancreatic function   test

Serum amylase


CRP · Blood type · RF

Hepatitis check

HBs Antigen · HCV   Antibody

Syphilis examination


Stomach examination

Helicobacter pylori ·   pepsinogen


Nasal or oral

Bone density

DEXA method

Cancer indicators

Digestive organs(CEACA19-9

Lung ProGRP)

Pancreas   (Span-1-elastase)

Liver (AFP ·   PIVKA-)

Uterus · Breast Cancer   (CA-125 · NCC-ST-439)

Brain examination




Breast examination


Breast ultrasound

Uterine cancer   examination

Uterine radial cell   examination · Uterine ultrasound

Body cell diagnosis





How to Apply

First Step

Contact Careline client manager for initial consultation

Second Step

Careline Medical manager help customers organize their health history files.

Third Step 

Customers determine the travel date and overseas hospitals, and inform us special needs

Fourth Step

Careline client manager customizes personalized service items

Fifth Step

Sign a service contract and pay the service charge

Sixth Step

Help customers apply for visa, book a flight, etc.

Seventh Step

Once the customers arrive in Japan, Careline manager will go greet them.

Eighth Step

After the trip in Japan, customers get Chinese report and follow-up services.


Physical Examination in Japan
Physical Examination in Japan
  • Question: what is the Japanese process

    Answer: I went to the day before:

    1) consultation. Phone or email contact us, provide personal information, consult a physical package program. Phone: 4000825008; mailbox address:

    2) communication. To understand customer conditions and requirements, to provide clients with medical institutions and receiving conditions (treatment, cost, schedule, etc.).

    3) determine. After establishing medical institutions, consult and make appointments to medical institutions. It usually takes 20 days to make an appointment, and if it is a holiday, it is necessary to make an appointment of 30 days in advance. If necessary, you can provide all kinds of formalities for the Japanese to do agency and assistance services, as well as provide assistance to visas, reservations, air tickets, accommodation and other overseas formalities. Confirm the payment method.

    During the period of the day:

    1) go to Japan. Arrange for airport terminals and transportation.

    2) examination and treatment. Go to the airport to meet, or go to your hotel to connect you to the hospital, and provide the whole course consultation and medical translation service for the treatment. As far as possible for you to provide guidance and help in life during the daily physical examination and treatment, and offer our deepest spiritual care. Provide guidance and help for you during the daily medical examination, and provide small travel and shopping services according to the requirements. All medical procedures have medical interpretation services. Arrange shopping and other traffic according to the needs, accompany translation, and provide translation service.

    Return to China:

    1) return home. Arrange the escort and transportation from the place of residence to the airport according to the summary.

    2) follow up service. Provide a medical report and a Chinese version of the doctor's diagnosis. The physical examination report is about 30-45 days after the physical examination. According to the patient's request, we can provide the treatment process and revisit service to the hospital in Japan.

  • Q: what is a Japanese precise physical examination

    I answer: Japanese precision examination (no fries in the world NigenDock) refers to whether have no symptoms, regularly through PET-CT, CT, MRI, ultrasonic precision instrument, a precision inspection of all parts of the body. The main purpose is to check cancer, followed by various living habits. It is an important standard for the detection of self - health in the near future. The subjects were mainly divided into stomach, liver, lung, intestine, heart, blood pressure, diabetes, prostate, thyroid, uterus, breast, ovary and so on. The examination of some items requires the beginning of the day before the control of the diet, and the specific content needs to be confirmed in advance with the hospital.

    Ningen Dock is the most standard test for cancer in Japan, and about about 2000000 people have been examined every year. There are two kinds of physical examination in Japan, one is a small scale private medical unit, another is a national medical hospital, a national hospital and a University Affiliated Hospital. The latter has a certain scale and history, safer and more secure.

    Usually, only when the cancer cells become a certain size, they will be found. It is very difficult for ordinary people to find out before their body feels differently. Until the symptoms appear, they are basically late and difficult to treat. In order to not let the disease entangled, early detection, early prevention, and early treatment, the need for a precise physical examination.

    The proliferation of cancer cells is accelerated. But it takes 10-20 years to grow to 1 centimeters. So early discovery may be completely cured, which can relieve the sufferings of the patient and the financial burden. But the current radiation can only be found in centimeter level. With 10-20 times its ability to display, PET-CT can detect early lesions from the head to the leg.

  • Q: what is the French process

    I went to France before:

    1) consultation. Phone or email contact us, provide personal information, consult a physical package program. Phone: 0571-87389163; mailbox address:

    2) communication. Understand customer conditions and requirements, provide customers with expenses, schedules, matters of attention and so on.

    3) determine. Consult and make reservations to France. In general, it is necessary to make an appointment for 7 days, to go to the doctor within one month after the appointment (to sign a contract), to determine the appointment for the physical examination, and to pay a deposit. If necessary, can provide a variety of procedures in the agency and assistance services, and provide services to assist with visa booking accommodation abroad formalities. Confirm the payment method.

  • Q: in France, the project process (3 health diagnosis Adrian night 3 days)

    First days: from China, after Paris, some people will send up the TOURS train and arrive at the center station of TOURS before noon. Arrange stay in The Inn Boutique, take a rest. In the afternoon, we will arrange a visit to the city of Toure. Sleep apnea was tested at the night.

    The second day: Adrian health commissioner to the hotel to meet customers, go to the medical center is located in downtown L inspection tours' ABO+ group, by the president personally greet and introduce the process of health diagnosis. Take an empty stomach to draw blood; then visit the L 'ABO+ group inspection center.

    Third days: 48 hours can be detected data (original data for the basic assessment, not the final diagnosis report). The waiting period to communicate with doctors, arrange to visit customers Adrian health tours around the castle (Ch "teau Chenonceau, the French food and wine tasting).

    The fourth day: morning, to Adrian health center, from the center of the doctor and Adrian health specialist is responsible for customer reception, as a preliminary interpretation of test data. The whole communication language for Adrian senior translators.

  • Q: when do you need to pay the full money?

    After the client signed a contract with the doctor to make a health diagnosis in France, the customer first paid 50% deposit. The balance was paid to the French medical project management unit before entering the French medical institution for physical examination, and the latter provided the invoice.

  • Q: what is the content of the physical examination and what is the price?

    Current health assessment (similar to regular physical examination)

    The main purpose is to make a comprehensive test of the status of the customer's health. This test makes it easier to assess its health and to analyze potential health risks from a taxonomic perspective.

    Cell metabolism assessment (currently only 2-3 of the top hospitals in China can do some)

    It is the cell metabolism test for customers, that is to use accurate trace to directly detect the condition of cell tissue. These tests can recognize the current state of health and the trend of future evolution. The abnormal phenomena found at this stage can make us take measures for diseases ahead of time, or give simple lifestyle and dietary advice, or suggest nutritional supplements.

    Health status prediction (patent technology, completed by a special laboratory of the L 'ABO+ group in Paris)

    The test at this stage is mainly about early understanding of some of the diseases that may exist for a long time. It is not the primary purpose to predict the consequences of these diseases, but to predict the genetic development of these diseases.

    Price: 100 thousand RMB

  • Q: is there any travel insurance and medical accident insurance in France, similar to when there is an accident or unexpected situation when checking, is there any accident insurance in medical institutions?

    When customers come to France, they can buy accident insurance at home, such as travel agencies. In the service content of the French medical examination, there is no cover for the contents of hidden risks, such as taking medicine, injecting, and opening a knife. There is no need to buy any accident insurance. But as any international a regular hospital and clinics, medical institutions in France, they bought a huge amount of civil liability insurance, if the blood in the process (first contact with the patient's doctors and nurses only chance) of a problem, affect the health, is compensation by medical institutions.

  • Question: if the same customer, second years because of a disease of the previous year to check out, then go to check, there is no discount

    Answer: when a client is going to check again in second years after that year's physical examination, he doesn't need to do a comprehensive check like the first time. He only needs to check the problem subjects. The charge is of course different from the first, much lower. According to the contents of the second inspection, the price is given to the customer in advance.


  • Question: is it possible for 1 people to receive?

    If there is only one customer at a time, medical enjoyment is also provided. But it's best to come at the same time in the 2-5 place. It is convenient to arrange some activities outside the physical examination.

  • Q: outside, if the customer wants to travel, how to charge? Are there any translations accompanied?

    In addition to the physical examination, the customer needs to travel with the local or other places in France. You can arrange it by yourself, and you can also ask for assistance, service (arrangement, reservation) and so on in advance. But it is necessary to pay for the rental costs of the vehicle and the cost of the translation (the local language of the two countries and the Chinese who are familiar with the environment of the tourist environment). The cost is determined according to the specific tourism items.

    In short, from the physical examination project, we mainly provide health services. Tourism is to provide some help. Besides the cost to pay, the tour guides, drivers and attractions, especially the ancient castle tickets, etc., we aim at non-profit.

  • Question: will the condition be informed on the spot? When can you give us a full set of Chinese medical records?

    Answer: after a physical examination, a customer can get the radar analysis chart of the general health condition within a week (understand the general health condition, reflect the major hidden danger and disease). 30-40 days later, the client can receive a complete Chinese diagnostic report and a healthy life guidance.

  • Question: why assessment of cell metabolism and prediction of future health

    As the whole environment has been destroyed over the years, the health problems of Chinese residents have become more and more serious in the 2015.

    In the environment where people live, it is hard to find clean, hygienic, safe food.

    Over the years, air, water, soil, grain and agricultural products, medicine and health care products. There are different levels of pollution,

    [lambda] we see from the official news that more and more young people, middle-aged (whether successful or not) are suffering from cancer and leave the world too early.

    Lambda normal physical examination can identify some health problems, but it is often the existence of the disease, even to a considerable degree. Severe drugs or surgery, plus chemotherapy, radiation therapy, the result is the patient's growing pain, and eventually still can not stay life.

    Therefore, prevention and early health diagnosis become particularly important.

  • Q: how long does the PET-CT check take?

    This check usually takes about two hours, but the real scanning time is only 10-20 minutes, and the rest of the time is ready for the scan. During the inspection process, the most occupied time is the waiting time after injection of the developer. This is a time to fully participate in metabolism of the developer. It usually takes about an hour. If you want to have good results, you have to wait for the time.

  • Q: if I have a particular place to pay special attention to, can I add an additional project check?

    We provide the service of the free selection inspection project, and the appropriate items can be added according to the individual situation.

  • Question: is it possible to provide help with the visa?

    If you have the need, we can provide help with the visa and other services.

  • Question: where is the place of departure

    Yes. We can assist air ticket booking

  • Q: can I go out alone, please?

    Answer: you can, although we accept at least 2 units, a small team of up to more than 8 people, but if there is only one person, we can arrange, just need an additional amount, if a large team of more than 8 people, we must aim at the specific number of go about in advance.

  • Question: are there any set meals that people have more favorable? I have to stay for a few more days after the physical examination.

    3 days and 2 nights of comprehensive physical examination and Japanese tourism, the price of 6380 US dollars. 4 days and 3 nights of the honorable physical examination include DOCK+PET+ Japanese tourism, the preferential price of 8320 US dollars. If you have to stay for a few more days after a physical examination, we can help to book the room and take care of it. If parents want to give, and the local elderly Japanese friends, we can arrange an appointment in advance.

  • Q: can you specify a hospital?

    Yes, of course, we aim to provide personalized services. If you don't have any special requirements, we will arrange the contact with the most suitable hospital according to the hospital situation. If you want to designate a hospital, we will try to arrange the hospital you want according to your requirement. In addition, we will arrange the nearest hospital or physical examination center according to the area where guests are located. If there is a suspected disease, we suggest a general hospital. If time is urgent and regular physical examination, we will suggest the physical examination center. Medical care in Japan is somewhat different, and the level of the doctor is not very different.

  • Q: what is PET-CT


  • Question: what are the preparations before a physical examination

    Get ready for your passport, clothes, and if you have a domestic medical report, you can take it with you.