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Asia-Pacific integrated cancer center
Update Time:2017-10-25

Hongkong integrated tumor center

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Time of establishment: 2015 hospital introduction

The Hongkong comprehensive tumor center and the Hongkong comprehensive imaging and endoscopy diagnostic center were formally established in 2015, providing high-quality and perfect one-stop, multi specialist diagnosis and oncology treatment services. As a new member of Global Excellence medical network is committed to the development of international private investment management group under the TPG banner, Hongkong comprehensive cancer center and the Hongkong comprehensive imaging and endoscopic diagnosis center is located in the heart of the Citibank central building on the third floor and four floor, the center covers an area of more than twenty-six thousand feet, brought together the diagnosis and advanced medical equipment and a the cross specialist medical staff, medical diagnosis and provide comprehensive services.


Hongkong comprehensive cancer center providing specialist medical services comprehensively, show the concept of "comprehensive cancer treatment", to improve the patient's cure rate, survival rate and quality of life, the main sections are: cancer screening, prevention and endoscopic examination, diagnostic imaging, cross specialist treatment etc.. Our "specialist diagnosis and treatment" service includes members of surgical specialists, oncologists, radiologists, oncology pharmacists, and specialist nurses, so as to ensure that every patient can get comprehensive professional advice and the most appropriate treatment plan. The Hongkong integrated imaging and endoscopy center provides a wide range of services such as screening, imaging diagnosis and interventional radiology. In order to ensure the quality of service for the patients, the center is equipped with a variety of advanced instruments, including:

Normal sub emission computed tomography

Magnetic resonance imaging

Three combination of positive sub emission computed tomography magnetic resonance imaging

Computer tomography

Interventional radiology and digital subtraction angiography

3D breast X ray radiography

Ultrasound examination

X ray examination

DDEXA bone density examination

Blood examination of esophagus, stomach and large intestine endoscopy